Healthy Weld 2020



The WeldWAITS program is based on the public health principle of primary prevention-risk avoidance rather than risk reduction. WeldWAITS educates teens about the benefits of delayed sexual debut, equips them with skills needed to develop healthy relationships and empowers them to realize their potential. Teenagers are educated, equipped and empowered as they learn about love, hopes and dreams, boundary setting, refusal skills, how to have healthy relationships, information about STIs and how to navigate media influences. Through a community saturation model, WeldWAITS offers interactive, educational presentations in schools and youth serving agencies, one-on-one relationship counseling, peer mentoring, Quinceanera classes, parent education, large-scale community events, media messages and an interactive-educational website.

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Contact Information

Melanie Cyphers, RN
WeldWAITS Program Co-Coordinator
phone:(970) 304-6470 x2423
Heidi Musil
WeldWAITS Program Co-Coordinator
phone:(970) 304-6470 x2379